Naturline - Naturline I Malla de celulosa I embalaje sostenible I Fibras naturales
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Naturline™ is a new packaging net made from fibres that are 100% organic in origin. Egalsa has launched this new range of mesh for packaging fruit, vegetables, shellfish, and cured meats… 100% biodegradable for those who wish to contribute to a more sustainable world. Developed for packaging agricultural and sea produce in a BIO format and certified for the food sector in general. A solution which is 100% compostable.


Totally natural and 100% compostable. It degrades into compost in 3 months because of the biodegradable fibres in the yarn.


Can withstand the same as other plastic nets allowing the product to air in a natural way, adjusting to the product perfectly and contributing to an excellent image.


Superb quality due to our certified manufacturing processes and yarns made with cellulose fibres. Certified to ISO standards 9001 and 14001.

fruits and vegetables

Ideal for packaging fruit and vegetables such as citrus fruits, bananas, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

Naturline™ helps to protect the most delicate produce with its soft texture, at the same time conferring a pleasant and a more natural appearance to the product. Available in a range of colours, mouth widths and different mesh size options, depending on the visibility required for the product.


The high strength of the mesh Naturline™ allows molluscs such as mussels, clams, cockles… to be packaged in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Naturline™ helps maintain the moisture of the product with a fresh and more natural aspect. A large range of colours and various mouth widths are available.

cured meats

A new way of packaging cured meats. Naturline™ redefines and updates the traditional packaging methods and offers the possibility of selecting a form of packaging which is environmentally responsible.