The smart packaging solution: biodegradable netting.
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Naturline biodegradable netting is also ecological and compostable. This is the latest launch of Egalsa on the market: a range of totally innovative nets that not only think about your products, but also about the environment.

Naturline biodegradable netting is specially designed for packaging fruit, vegetables, seafood and sausages, among many other products. Imagination is the limit. This is a 100% biodegradable product. What does this mean? Well, a product is biodegradable when it can be decomposed by biological organisms (bacteria, fungi, algae…) in a favourable environment such as certain conditions of temperature, humidity, light or oxygen. That is why this is a product specially designed to contribute to sustainability and reduce the human footprint on the environment. Your products will reach their destination with the least impact.

Naturline’s biodegradable netting is designed to pack products from the garden and the sea in BIO format. This is a product that offers all the guarantees, it is certified for the food sector in general as it has ISO 9001 and 14001 quality seals. A smart packaging solution!

Why is it effective in the packaging of food products? Naturline biodegradable netting is perfect for fruit and vegetables. It also helps to protect the most delicate foods with a soft touch, offering a more visual and natural appearance of the food. Naturline netting is also perfect for seafood packaging. Its great resistance allows the packaging of molluscs with shells such as mussels, clams or cockles. It also does so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. They also help to maintain the product’s humidity, giving it a fresher and more natural appearance. Naturline biodegradable netting also makes it possible to package foods with such a long tradition as sausages in a new (and respectful) way. This gives them a renewed and responsible image.

This is a net that we also offer in a multitude of colours, net widths and different options of net light. A net that adapts to the needs of the product and not the other way around. Contact us and we will inform you in detail.